Blog Entry: 05/18/22

» Happy Birthday :')
by Proxy 🧲

May 18, 2022 04:50 am

Hey, it's my birthday! But I'm not too crazy about it because even though I'm turning 24, I still feel like I'm 21... is it because of the pandemic, maybe? Or just not getting big life things done early on like a lot of people seem to do (college, career, etc.)?

I feel like I haven't achieved much since I turned 21... I guess, is another reason why... Maybe I'll post something else at the end of the day to say how my birthday day has went, since its almost 5 AM and I do have work today, as well as my partner planning to take me out after work... so we shall see, but right now, I'm not feeling too jazzed about aging.

EDIT 5/19: I actually didn't get to talk about how my birthday went because it was too hot, we had to move the plans to this weekend! And the moment I got home I got dinner then literally PASSED TF OUT after it so it's okay! Still got myself gifts too, and my partner got me a cool gay godzilla bag c:

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