Work In Progress

⮿ The Once-ler (The Lorax)
⮿ J.D. (Heathers (all versions))
⮿ Gai Amatsu (KR 01)
⮿ Kray Foresight (Promare)
⮿ Mink (DMMD)
⮿ Alan Sylvasta (BNA)
⮿ FFXIV Characters (specifically images)
⮿ multiple antagonistic characters from Tokyo Ghoul (ask for specifics)
⮿ all Happy Tree Friends characters
⮿ Toko Fukawa+/Genocider Sho (DR)
⮿ Gai x (anyone) (KR 01)
⮿ Lio+/Galo x Kray (Promare)
⮿ Mink x Aoba& (DMMD)
⮿ Trip+/Virus x Aoba& (DMMD)
⮿ Emu& x Kuroto (KR ExAid)
⮿ Shirou x Alan (BNA)
⮿ Diavolo x Lucifer (Obey Me!)
⮿ Lu x Ciel (Elsword)
⮿ CLU x (almost anyone) (Tron: Legacy)
⮿ (basically if it's inc*st, p*dophilic, or in any way noncon, assume it's here)

Bold = actually intensely upsetting, do not mention around me ever unless it's to shit on them.

& = this character is a system, so any alters this character has is included.

+/ = and/or


This is a smaller box!