Updates Archive

This is an archive of past updates, so we don't clog up the main updates pages. This page may get pretty long!

Site Updates

v0.6.8 - 09/04/2022 -🧲& Did some behind the scenes housekeeping. Removed Kin from sidebar but it is still accessible via link. Moved all related links to About and System. Nested "Kin Pages" inside of "About Pages" in Directory. Added cute little icons next to some links in About and System.
v0.6.5 - 08/08/2022 -🧲πŸ”ͺπŸ”‡ Happy "birthday" to πŸ”ͺ & πŸ”‡! πŸŽ‚ Updated formatting of Blinkies. Minor updates/fixes to PKFronter custom CSS.
v0.6.3 - 08/01/2022 -🧲& Created a new update table for Art specifically so it is no longer counted towards site versions and implemented it into the Index page and Art page. Created a column for future archived Art updates in Updates Archive. Fixed kin links on some System pages.
v0.6.2.1 - 7/31/2022 -🧲& Added a blinkie to Blinkies as well as a page in Fictives.
v0.6.2 - 7/27/2022-7/28/2022 -🧲& Fixed some mobile layout issues, added a blinkie to Blinkies.
v0.6.1 - 7/25/22 -🧲& Added even more blinkies to Blinkies and organized said page a bit more.
v0.6.0 - 7/24/22 -🧲 Various layout changes! Moved simple info to Index page. Moved Latest Blogs to right sidebar. Moved Interests to be under About. Implimented CSS animations to some links and titles. Added a new blinkie to Blinkies, and added "Latest Blinkie" to right sidebar. Updated Site Directory to reflect these changes.
v0.5.3 - 7/6/22 -❔ Added status.cafe and imood.com widgets to Index page.
v0.5.0 - 7/2/22 -🧲 Minor layout edits to multiple alter pages. Addition to Unlisted Alters. Created Sites We Like. Added Ko-fi link to sidebar. Began supporting neocities. Moved all blogs to be hosted here, began using Dreamwidth as a mirror instead.
v0.4.9 - 6/26/22 -🧲& New flags and links added to Flags.
v0.4.82 - 6/23/22 -🧲 Made changes to sidebars. Added Flight Rising link to External Links. Began working on CCs/Ships pages.
v0.4.8 - 6/13/22 -🧲 Completed Alter Kinlist Directory for now.
v0.4.795 - 6/11/22 -🧲 Updates to Alter Kinlist Directory.
v0.4.79 - 6/9/22 -🧲 Fixed a responsive layout issue on System Dictionary.
v0.4.78 - 6/5/22 -🧲 New icon drawn for About.
v0.4.76 - 6/3/22-6/4/22 -🧲 Added some pages to Alter Kinlist Directory. Made small changes to Blog and Index. Added Mastodon and Dreamwidth links to Ext. Links.
v0.4.75 - 6/1/22 -❔

Happy Pride!

Began reformatting detailed Fictionkin pages. Finished formatting Alter Kinlist Directory.
v0.4.7 - 5/29/22 -🧲 Minor updates to right sidebar, System main page, and Unlisted alters page.
v0.4.6 - 5/27/22 -🧲 Implimented "Badges" on all System alter pages, removed "Flag Collection"s from them. Moved "Flag Collection" to its own page. Modified various layout stylings. Changed all "back" links to separate .html parts. Completed System Dictionary for now, and implimented section links on the page. Changed not_found.html.
v0.4.1 - 5/26/2022 -🧲 Began implamenting "Badges" on alter pages for flags instead of "Flag Collection"s. Also began creating system role "Badges".
v0.4.0 - 5/23/2022 -🧲🎭 Significant layout code changes. New repeating background to fix weird background issues on mobile. Additions of various custom fonts. Themes have been added, including a "No Custom Fonts" theme, an "OpenDyslexic" theme, and a "Terminal" (High contrast?) theme. (Select them from the right side bar, they even work on mobile! [or at least they should])
v0.3.1 - 5/20/2022 -🧲 Additions to Blinkies. Added blinkies to various pages under Fictives.
v0.3.05 - 5/19/2022 -🧲 Moved relationship info to About, added "Blog Updates" infobox to Index. Updated Portfolio.
v0.3.0 - 5/18/2022 -🧲

Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‰

Moved Kinlists links to Proxy's Kinlists. Updated & completed Flags for now. Added Portfolio and Commissionable Things(external) to Creations. Updates to multiple profiles under Fictives. Decided to leave Blog as is currently, considering it complete and created first post for it; will update/change layout as needed in the future.
v0.2.99 - 5/17/2022 -🧲 Added information to multiple alters under Fictives. Began adding kinlists to alters under Alters.
v0.2.98 - 5/15/2022 -🧲 Began work on multiple pages under Fictives. Additions to Blinkies.
v0.2.95 - 5/14/2022 -🧲 Got into the Yesterweb Webring πŸŽ‰. Created Creations and Blinkies pages, moved Flags. Made edits to multiple pages under Alters. Changed order of links in navi and Directory.
v0.2.85 - 5/12/2022 -🧲 Edited multiple alter pages. New Guestbook page since the previous one deactivated.
v0.2.82 - 5/9/2022-5/10/2022 -❔ Completed Daniel, Robin, and Lucian. Starting working on Kure. Added blinkies to Arron, Cardinal, Int, Ion, Es, and Robin to varying completion.
v0.2.81 - 5/8/2022 -🧲 Added some info to Daniel, Robin, and Lucian.
v0.2.8 - 5/6/2022 -🧲 Layout changes and completed responsive layout for now. Changed title. Completed Es's page. Added information to Flags Made by Us.
v0.2.75 - 5/3/2022 -🧲πŸ§ͺ Even more progress on making the site responsive, maybe even close to completion. Added custom scrollbar code. Updated layout on Index, BYF, External Links, and Directory.
v0.2.65 - 5/1/2022 -🧲 More progress on making the site responsive. Added custom text highlight color. Completed Int and Ion's pages.
v0.2.6 - 4/30/2022 -🧲πŸ§ͺ <details> styling changed. Added quote.js. Changed the layout to the System page. Began working on making the site responsive.
v0.2.5 - 4/28/2022 -πŸ§²πŸ“± Layout and aesthetic changes.
v0.2.3 - 4/23/2022 -🧲 Finalized Otherkin list, Fictionkin list, Pokékin list, Coping Links, and Questioning. Created Currently Fronting and Flags.
v0.2.0 - 4/17/2022 -🧲πŸ§ͺπŸͺΆ Made adjustments to how the tooltips work on multiple pages. Created Updates Archive. Reformatted o/list.html, f/list.html, and f/pokelist.html.
v0.1.99 - 4/14/2022 -🧲 Began creation of Blog page. Completed creation of Groups page. Added info to πŸ”‡ on Alters.
v0.1.95 - 4/12/2022 -πŸͺΆπŸ§² Added more information to Dictionary. Made changes to style.css. Finalized initial alter profile layout.
v0.1.9 - 4/11/2022 - 🧲 Started formatting Alters, Fictives, Fragments, Fusions, and Dictionary pages.
v0.1.8 - 4/9/2022 Began work on System pages. Added information to Unlisted system page. Started adding icons to Core/ID/Primary page. Added some information to Fictionkin List.
v0.1.6 - 4/7/2022 Reformatted index page. New pages o/list.html, f/list.html, and f/pokelist.html. New info on Questioning.
v0.1.4 - 4/4/2022 Added information to otherkin, fictionkin pages core/id/primary, secondary/tertiary, pokekin, and coping links. Created an 88x31 button for the site.
v0.1.3 - 4/2/2022-4/3/2022 Created guestbook. Made progress on about page. Changes on extended links. Started working on otherkin page. Layout/format changes. Reorganized dashboard. Began prep work for pages under kin.
v0.1.2 - 4/1/2022 Minor changes to layout, particularly left sidebar. Added tooltips code. Added extended links and directory pages. Completed byf and interests pages. Made progress on about page.
v0.1.0 - 3/31/2022 Began drafting about and kin pages. Edited left side bar.
v0.0.9 - 3/29/2022 Began work on multiple pages, fixed layout issues.
Art Updates

08/21/2022 -🧲
Added new blinkies to Blinkies.
08/08/2022 -🧲πŸ”ͺπŸ”‡
Added new blinkies to Blinkies.
08/06/2022 -πŸ§²πŸ“±
Added new Alter specific blinkies to Blinkies.
08/05/2022 -🧲
Added new Alter specific blinkies to Blinkies.
08/02/2022 -🧲&
Added new Alter specific blinkies to Blinkies.
08/01/2022 -🧲&
Added the final STARSET blinkies (for now) to Blinkies.