v0.7.84 - 11/28/2022 -🧲
Updates to a few pages under System.
v0.7.8 - 11/23-24/2022 -🧲 Fixed a bunch of css and general layout things. We now have a new site button <3
v0.7.6 - 11/21-22/2022 -🧲

🎉We are now kotatsu.me!

Registered a domain name. Added Pokémon sprites to Proxy's Pokémon kinlist, as well as descriptions to most of Proxy's kinlists. Edited some minor formatting.
v0.7.4 - 11/20/2022 -🧲🌑& Added sites, featuring our Neocities mutuals 💖, and updated formatting in Sites We Like. Created Info for a simple bio link. Created tabbed sections for Proxy's Kins, Interests, and the Flag Collection under About. Retired the pages they were before, and created redirect pages for them. Moved the Alter Kin Directory to under "System Pages" in Site Directory. Updated and added links to External Links. Fixed mobile layout issues(?). Minor formatting updates all around.
v0.7 - 10/30/2022 -🛸📹🧲


Added some minor Halloween decor to the site.
v0.7 - 10/21/2022 -🧲 Created a page for blinkie variants. Updated Flag Collection.
v0.6.95 - 10/07-08/2022 -🧲 Added a new flag to Flag Collection 🎉. Reformatted Blinkies page slightly to now include links to our editable blinkies on blinkies.cafe!
v0.6.9 - 09/26/2022 -🧲 Changed blinkies on a few alter pages. Updated Unlisted page. Minor adjustments to link animation.
-- More past updates archived here.